Change your coffee, the world will follow

Change your coffee, the world will follow


So you’ve heard the pitch, but haven’t quite taken the plunge. You’ve asked yourself whether it’s really worth it to get into the coffee culture. You’ve had it before, but don’t quite “get” what all the hype is about. Well, here’s what we have to say on the coffee debate: Anything worth having always takes time. If you really want to get in on what you’re missing you have to take the time to…

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Freshly showered. Feeling so fresh and so clean. #selfie #365selfie #day22

Stay fresh, not drenched.

Stay fresh, not drenched.


Welcome to week two of our Spring Master Class. Glad to see you’re back. A sign of a man who is ready is a man who acknowledges the need for improvement. How else can we become masters of ourselves without first looking at ourselves through a variety of lenses? In order to improve ourselves, we must find our way through the everyday grind so why not do it in style and comfort? Without further…

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Asjfjfhfjsb. Phew. #selfie #day21 #365selfie #burnout

Yesterday’s #selfieoftheday with @dpradag. Watch captain America if you haven’t,  it is sick. #Movies #cineplex #selfie #365Selfie #day19  (at SilverCity Richmond Hill)

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What is Espresso?

So last week’s post was a fun way to get introduced to the different elements of everyone’s favorite caffeinated drink, but this week we’re going to get a little more nitty-gritty so we can get the lowdown on #Espresso4lyf. Let’s start off by getting into the most basic of drinks: The Espresso.

The name Espresso comes from the Italian word, which translates as “Express” in English. If you’ve…

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Interview. #selfie #selfieoftheday #365selfie #day18 #nofilter

Paint with the colours of the wind, bro.

Paint with the colours of the wind, bro.

Hey man, there’s Truth in that statement, no need to snub it. Here’s your first lesson: colours are underrated. Quit being afraid experimenting with things because of what people might say. You’re here to spend your time wisely aren’t you?

Alright so don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing we love more than a simple black crew neck with a pair of dark jeans to the tone of Hank Moody, but there’s fun…

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Today’s #selfie. Keeping it #GQ. #selfieoftheday #365selfie #day17 #classy #cleancut
Um. We’re just #fashion. @mr_jcdior @johnnycrybaby @n0rmal_adjac3nt 

#Amazingpeople #latergram #killingit  (at 416 Snackbar)
#selfie #day15 #selfieoftheday @dpradag